2016 - Ongoing
Jugong Apartment is an on-going project which I began producing in the summer of 2016. After hearing news that the former neighbourhood where I grew up in South Korea is part of an urban land development plan, I went back to the city to document the destruction of the existing Jugong Apartment buildings. The neighbourhood is essentially a small city that consists of mostly residential mid- to high-rise apartment buildings with some related commercial activity in the environs. It is a peaceful place where mostly families have settled. The city was planned for a lifestyle that values family living, while allowing for proximity to the denser centres of the capital, Seoul. When I arrived in the neighbourhood, the buildings were being emptied out and were in various states of abandonment. Some of the areas had had been vacated for some time whereas, in other parts of the city, people were still in the process of moving out. Just no one was moving in or taking care of their places anymore.
These are the last days of what is called “Jugong” Apartments in South Korea. As time passes, the previous dream of a common person owning a unit in the Jugong Apartments (largely a legacy of 70’s urban planning) is rapidly being replaced. Now there are high priced, exotic condominiums available that offer complete packages with gyms, technology, leisure, and spectacular views.